Rich Rojas Author PhotoI’m a software developer and artist by training and a self-taught, do-it-yourself writer. I earn a living as a software developer and though I love art, I no longer attempt to make it. That doesn’t stop me from going to look at art whenever I can and forming strong opinions about what I look at. Like good writing, I expect good art to have an emotional impact on me and to also make me think about what it means to occupy space in this world as a human being.

Writing—fiction in particular—is a relatively new found passion. Looking back, I suppose I’ve always enjoyed telling a story, or at the very least, had a penchant for embellishing the events I recounted with a little extra drama. I won’t deny that I sometimes exaggerate things or get sidetracked with relating extraneous details about events. These are traits that don’t go over well in the corporate world, but have found use in my fiction writing.

The trade I practice during daylight hours (software development) isn’t too shabby in terms of holding my interest and it’s provided a decent living over the years. It also dovetails nicely with the subject matter of my first series of books based around technology and cyber warfare. In a way, a lot of the research, learning, and practice I perform as part of my job also feed into the research for my writing. Not a bad arrangement at all!

Today, I write during the time I can cobble together outside of work and my personal responsibilities. I have ideas for several full-length novels and an initial collection of short stories. In the process, I’ve discovered that I have the ability to write books in my head while I’m engaged in other activities. It could be mistaken for day dreaming, but unlike that passive activity, it’s actually a rather active process that is yielding tangible work. I’m excited to be able to get lost in a universe of my own creation and also to have the opportunity to share it with others via the relatively new industry of self-publishing.